Hydraulic adjustment of downforce allows for a MUCH faster response to changing soil conditions.   In the illustration left, an air bag system can take 20 seconds to respond.  Hydraulic Downforce can react in 1 second.   At planting speed that difference is OVER 150 FT!  It will take an air system nearly a pivot span before the proper adjustments are made.  How many changes to soil conditions did your planter miss?  You don't need to have a new planter to take advantage of this incredible money MAKING technology.   Call us today to put it to work for you! 

​​Controlling seed depth will play an ENORMOUS roll in finding the next large yield bump on the farm.  WHY is this important?.  Proper downforce on the planter unit maintains proper seed depth.  In Fullfield Ag's very own downforce test this past year, we saw increases in 20-40 bu/ac over insufficient downforce.  5 Years ago UNL's On-Farm Research Team fouind an 18 bu yield advantage planting 2" vs 3".  Even at $3.50 that would be $63/ac PROFIT.  OK, it's hard to unknowingly plant too deep but what about 1" too shallow?   Ohio State in cooperation with Dupont/Pioneer, found in 2012 a 70 bu advantage planting 2" vs 1".  That's an increase of $245 ac.   How many acres are not reaching full potential in your fields?