Roots on Left with Compost & Tea 

Stalks on Left  with Compost & Tea 

C:N Ratios are set at 25-40:1

The organic based material is laid out in windrows, aerated, moisture added, brought up to temperature, and healthy bacteria is created.   We continue to aerate the windrows, maintaining moisture content and temperature while the bacteria breaks down the material.   The material is decomposed until near ambient temperature.   Then it is screened, delivered to the field, and spread in the field.

​Why Farmers Today Need Compost?

* Here at Bio-Ag Solutions we developed our process and        methods to produce compost that gives the plant what it      needs.
* Compost impacts soil fertility, supplies beneficial

​* Increases Soil Aggregates, reducing  soil compaction.

* Improves capillary flow of water  and nutrients in soil.

* Enhances moisture holding capacity of light soils by               reducing water loss and nutrient leaching. 

* Increases moisture infiltration and permeability of heavy    soils by improving drainage and reducing erosion and          runoff.

* Creates a better plant root environment by improving           soil structure, porosity and bulk density.

* Improves cation exchange capacity of soils by improving      their ability to hold nutrients for plant use.

* Delivers significant quantities of organic matter.

* Balances and stabilizes soil PH

*  Increases overall profit